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Building meaningful connections            
between humans in
our communities 


Kia ora, are Neighbourhood NZ!

We are an innovative, progressive and grass-roots approached registered charity that

hosts events, creates initiatives and fosters safe spaces for conversation, connection and social change


We are founded on the belief that promoting wellbeing can take a proactive and preventative approach. The idea that community and human connection can provide some of the best tools needed to take good care of ourselves. We organise, direct and facilitate events that are unique, unconventional and contribute to people feeling better connected, understood, educated a sense of belonging and, ultimately, hope. 

Neighbourhood NZ was created and exists to improve community wellbeing and create opportunity for human connection. Our mahi covers mental wellness, physical movement, improving the art of conversation, science communication and more

underpinned with the aim of leaving our communities more empowered, educated and united by positive change. 

Our mahi
      spans Aotearoa

Take a look


Our campaigns are shaped with the belief Neighbourhood can and is a public health initiative.


Fundamental to human wellness is a need for deep connections and relationships where humans feel connected and seen. COVID`19 and our ever increasing digital reliance provides setbacks in the form of less tangible and accessible spaces to socialise, increased social anxiety and fewer opportunities to have in person connection. Neighbourhood was born out of my passion and interest for what I now refer to as “deep medicine” - a preventive and integrative philosophy that respects the healing potential of better connected neighbourhoods who are lifted out of poverty, isolation and illness through grassroots change. It takes into consideration how our environments (social, physical and spiritual), communities and personal behaviours influence health at a population level. It shows us the potential and the power in helping people find purpose, feel valued, empowered and a locate a sense of belonging. Our campaigns do just that - facilitating safe spaces to nurture new and old friendships, learn to have more stimulating conversations and develop a stronger sense of self.

Conversation Cheat-Sheet driven connection

Movement Based Connection 

In the Mame of Men's Mental Health

Drug Harm Reduction


Auckland 2022 + 2023

Across NZ 2023

Across NZ 2021 + 2022

Dunedin 2023

Yoga Based Grounding Conversation

Early Sunrise, Coffee and Swim

Mental Health Creative Coffee Cups

Creative Coffee Catchup


Across NZ 2022 + 2023

Auckland 2022

Across NZ 2021

Wellington 2022

The wellness space is flooded with advocacy for speaking up and checking in. Neighbourhood goes beyond this -

we are grassroots solution & skills based.


Who we are:             
the humans behind

We have two co-directors:
Madeline Mason (founder)
& Brittany Mark

Kia ora! Our Neighbourhood whānau is comprised entirely of young volunteers who dedicate their time to making Aotearoa a safer, more accessible and connected place.

Our average age is 24 years old. Our youngest member is 20 and our oldest is 26. We are a multicultural being! We whakapapa to many places around Aotearoa including; Whakatū, Ōtautahi, Ōtepoti, Tāmaki Makaurau and from overseas including; Colombia, England, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, North America, Scotland, Australia. 


We are predominantly Pākehā and recognise the inherent privileges this holds and the work we have to still do to decolonise Aotearoa and uphold indigenous values. We are grateful to mahi tahi with friends and teachers in our community who provide guidance and support around how we can better incorporate te reo, tikanga and empower Māori culture through appropriate embrace and allyship in our mahi.

Our pronouns include she/her, she/they and he/him. Some of us don’t go by pronouns at all. We are respectful and receptive of our diversity.

We are a split of 50% students, 50% workers. We are all either in full time study or employment. Some of our jobs include; engineers, doctors, designers, marketers, researchers, mechanic apprentices, support workers and some of us study medicine, psychology, law and communications. 



Our team is entirely 
     volunteer based


My body is tired, but my heart is full.

What a year, 2023)

Kia ora!


It's December and we are feeling many things at the Neighbourhood HQ.

2023 has be colossal - in love, impact but also effort. As a team of dedicated volunteers, we've really felt the weight of juggling this mahi at times and are deeply looking forward to a summer of rest and restoration.


It's been a year of pain and divisiveness both in our Aotearoa communities and the world. Collective empowerment, connection and access to safe spaces have truly never been more important for our mental, physcial and spiritual wellbeing.

Before I update you on our mahi and what we have been up to for the past 4 months, I first have a very hard and heartbreaking farewell to an integral member of our Neighbourhood whānau. In early 2024, our beloved co-director and creative chief Brittany will be departing Aotearoa for a new adventure in America. The contribution, dedication and belief that Brittany has given to Neighbourhood over her 2 years with us is immeasurable and has been the most transformative blessing for us as a team and for our mahi. Brit breathes uncoventional, bold and creative life into everything she does and our team, mission and kaupapa are all markedly better and more beautiful because of her.

Without co-pilot Brit at the helm, Neighbourhood is going to look a little (and feel a lot) different going forwards. 

From 2024, all of our public events and offerings will be done to a pop-up basis only. This means when you see a ticket - grab it! We will be limited in our capacity to be out in our communities across the motu, so these events will feel extra special.

Secondly, we are bringing in a new model of service, whereby we can now offer corporate events or facilitate Neighbourhood events in schools, organisations and community spaces. With a tool kit full of ways to promote authentic connection and hollistic wellbeing, we believe we can create positive change in these new communities.

You can reach out or learn more via our WORK WITH US page.

Our office will be closing from December 20th and reopening on February 1st. Thank you for all your patience and understanding.

Lastly, we are beyond proud and humbled to announce that we are the winners of two incredible awards.

The first, the Jacob Beck Jaffurs Special Scholarship, which I was awarded for significant community contribution as a medical student.

The second, the NZ Impact Award for Wellbeing - which Neighbourhood won in November.

Both of these awards came as a total suprise but were received with the deepest of gratitude. They are a nod to our mahi and its bold direction, that what we are doing matters and the motivation and support to keep treading where no one has trodden. 


To all of our team, supporters, community and critics who have helped define, refine and propel Neighbourhood into what it is on this December day, I can only say thank you. I don't have anymore adjectives to describe this years' journey other than it has once again well and truly blown my mind. 

Power to the people, hey. Together we are so strong.

See you next year. Ngā mihi nui, 


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