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Who we are
Neighbourhood NZ



We are a group of 25 young kiwis, full of passion, ambition, but most importantly hope.

Hope for widespread wellness, for community engagement and inclusivity, for resources, events, and knowledge sharing that provides humans with the tools, skills, and the knowledge to prevent mental illness, or declining mental health, as well as giving them the tools to cope and keep pushing forward, to find hope when it doesn't feel like there is any and to live a healthier, more balanced life.

Ultimately, transforming the wellbeing of Kiwis across the country.

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Kia ora friends, family and followers of Neighbourhood NZ! We thought it was about time that we reintroduce ourselves, or, if you’re new, this is our way of saying; thanks for being here and this is what we are all about.
We appreciate you being on this journey with us. 🌞

Every week it feels like we have had a mini growth spurt, or encounter some growing pains. Treading where no one has trodden means things can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult, but we also feel beyond grateful to do the mahi that we do.

As of July 2022, we officially became a registered charity (after 18 months as a non-profit) and we hope this allows us to keep refining and rolling out our impactful campaigns and growing community spaces. A team of 24 volunteers around Aotearoa chip in time each week to make Neighbourhood what it is - and we are pretty darn proud of how far we’ve come with only our pocket money and a whole lot of heart to power us forward so far.

Neighbourhood has now grown to a size and potential where we are investing more time and energy into logistics and strategy, because, thanks to all of you (!!!) more and more people are engaging with and getting behind our mahi - and we are evolving to be able to embrace that.

What started as a pipe-dream scribble in a diary is now a real, tangible operation and we are forever grateful for every single person who has believed in us along the way.
Welcome to our kaupapa. Welcome to the Neighbourhood.

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Most people are willing to get involved in charity and community work - but often, for many of us, it is inaccessible and can be uninspiring. At Neighbourhood, we are reimagining community connection, and as a result, have created a community collective - that hosts events all around New Zealand that are unique, social and most of all, improve the lives of those in our neighbourhood. We want education and awareness to be possible in any environment - from schools and podcasts to exhibitions and corporate environments, we want our experience of creative impact to be felt everywhere.


We are founded on the belief that looking after your neighbourhood - socially, environmentally and through fostering inclusive and genuine human connection - will ultimately lead to a more positive experience for us all.

We host events and start conversations to educate, empower and ultimately, do good in our 'hood. 


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We create inclusive events, form communities based upon movement or good food, host talks for inspirational speakers, and create grass roots change for young people in NZ.

Our mission, to make the wellbeing of young kiwis or anyone who calls New Zealand home better.

By connecting people, spreading compassion & building community.



Ngākaupai - Good hearted
Kaitiakitanga - Stewardship for earth
Māia - Being bold & brave
Hauora - To be well & healthy
Mākoha - Kindness
Tae ana ki - Inclusive
Whakaaweawe - To be impactful

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Madeline Mason


Back in the winter of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, our founder Madeline Mason was cooking up a new idea, to create an organisation that was inclusive, bold, progressive, FUN and enhanced the wellbeing of those around her, whilst building a community people could rely on, be involved with, volunteer and get amongst and a place to call home when they needed a helping hand. 

And that idea is now what we call Neighbourhood NZ.

We are Lawyers, Engineers, Marketers, Technologists, Biomedical Scientists, Administrators, Architects, Designers, Nurses and many more, but together we are ordinary people, with hope. Hope for a better NZ, a safer and happier one, and hope for our Neighbourhoods. 

"Mental illness is complex. But looking after your mental health doesn't have to be."