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Yes, this is another Covid induced postponement. 

Sadly, we had to put Coming Home on hold at the end of last year, but we have been busy refining and reinventing this campaign and will be relaunching it very soon! Stay posted!

Coming Home celebrates hope and union after trauma.


It's about building community, finding the power in having a support network, and ultimately healing and renewing hope.

The campaign will be equally as much about the celebration of healing as it will be focused on education and intervention in the community.

Coming Home



Coming home is about turning hurt and pain into something beautiful, guiding people towards the light, and helping them to find a community to build their strength and spark their hope.


Coming Home is a conversation, an opportunity, a light. Coming Home will hold your hand and walk you through stories of survivors, offer hope and raise awareness of the complex and intimate journey of healing that occurs after one has experienced sexual assault or trauma. We promise to hold space for all stories, offer a message of hope and highlight the power and beauty in reclaiming one's true narrative.
For those of us involved in this campaign, we are sharing our stories and wearing our scars in order to help you do the same. To show you that healing looks different for us all. That trauma affects us all in different ways. That coming home is a journey but there is always hope. For those unfamiliar with these experiences, we invite you to walk with us for a while. Read the stories from survivors, learn where to get help and how to tackle this topic in a safe way. 


Coming Home is progressive and addresses non conventional or under reported or supported modes for healing.

Science can be black and white, but we believe preventative medicine, support and healing is about covering all of the different ways healing can be represented. 


We support artists, musicians, poets, however, you find peace or a moment of mindfulness for healing, we believe in it, and Coming Home will support all of these non-traditional ways to find and seek hope after trauma. 

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Coming Home
        The Exhibition

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If you wish to share your work and have it displayed at the exhibition reach out to for details around fees and admin.

If you have already been in contact and are showcasing your work, thank you for your patience and we are so excited!



Exhibition, eBook, Podcast Series & University Engagement

Coming Home will include an

If you are interested in getting involved in any part of the campaign please email, or message us on instgram!

Coming Home



We are funding part of the campaign through the sale of 'Coming Home Candles' they are restocked in limited releases, check the shop to stay up to date!

100% of proceeds support the mahi that Neighbourhood does in our communities throughout Aotearoa.


The eBook 

As part of Coming Home, we've started an evolving eBook filled with resources, strategies, stories and helpful services to support and guide you on your journey.


It is not too late to add your part.


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Madeline along with a talented friend has started filming a Coming Home video, showing part of her journey and symbolising it through the power of film, watch a short here.

Coming Home logo

    A short film

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