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Cup Of Conversation

In September 2019, I dreamed up a first-of-its-kind creative mental health awareness campaign whilst studying in the university library. I wanted to somehow convey the importance of speaking up about mental illness and normalising the difficult conversations that arise when we aren't ok. It seemed like an unconventional but perfect pairing to match coffee, part of our everyday routine, with mental health conversation.

With the support and help of Innocent Packaging, we printed over 100,000 coffee cups with three striking designs from NZ artists. All profits raised from "Cup of Conversation" are donated to I AM HOPE, to assist their work in our community's - such as providing New Zealanders under 24 with free counselling.​

Neighbourhood launched Cup of Conversation in November - an event hosted at Neighbour Café in Grey Lynn, featuring free coffee and plenty of empowering mental health kōrero.


As of April 2021, Innocent Packaging had raised $7,440.00 NZD for I AM HOPE through the Cup of Conversation campaign.

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