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Madeline is the Neighbourhood Director based in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Kia Ora! My name is Madeline and I am the founder and director of this epic little organisation. Neighbourhood was birthed out of my desire to create a community that was social, creative, vibrant and connected gen Z with more ways to do good for ourselves, our people and our planet. The rise of social media and then COIVD-19 has fractured how young people have been able to interact - Neighbourhood exists to provide a positive digital community as well as meaningful in-person events that foster a deeper awareness and understanding of issues that matter.


The desire to maintain and promote wellness of all forms in Aotearoa interlinks with my “day jobs” as a medical student and fitness instructor. With so much focus on attending to illness, rehabilition or hustling until you break - the need for a safe community for young people that equips them with tools to deal with life’s hurdles and feel empowered and part of something that was bigger than themselves was obvious to me. Almost every spare moment I have is spent on brainstorming ways to encourage community connection, healthy healing and awareness of our mental health through Neighbourhood. This project has become my haven to create initiatives that extend beyond what the rigidity of our system can provide. It allows me to have an outlet that follows the roadmap of what it means to be human - in the most stripped back sense, our basic desire to belong. All of what we do encompasses that. We are so proud to be dreaming up and building spaces that make us all feel welcome, valid and nourished - spiritually, mentally, physically and creatively. I am kaupapa driven, and growing Neighbourhood has been an organic, sensitive and a patient process. If Neighbourhood exists to allow everyone to feel safe and empowered, then each step forward is a delicate journey of education and collective understanding.


Things that make my soul sing in life are nature; specifically trees, the ocean and the sun, english breakfast tea, time with my family, my cat Smokey, helping others / being thoughtful, my vibrant and inspiring friends, writing, yoga, cereal, my wonderful partner Sam and any kind soul who offers a little part of their heart to help and grow Neighbourhood.


 Thank you for being here and taking time to learn about the seeds of my mission which have now bloomed into this truly special movement. It’s a beautiful mosaic of pieces of each of my team and my’s heart, and I am so proud of it. Whether Neighbourhood touches you in a small or significant way, I hope it leaves you brighter.