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April 20, Move Space


In 2020 we lost 654 people to suicide. That works out to be three families losing a brother, a daughter, an uncle, grandparent or father every two days. Mental illness is the real epidemic in modern society. It is the biggest killer of men under 45 years old. Last year, 654 New Zealanders no longer wanted to stay.

Neighbourhood and the wonderful humans of @movespace_ hosted a dinner for men’s mental health. We wanted to create space to talk about the dark stuff. To break the stigma. To show up for our brothers. To be the change.  @taitupou  @themattfenn  @forallthebrothers thank you for your words and strength. 

Those of us in the room that night where the first stone, dropping into a vast ocean. We are the first ripple. Of conversation. Of change. Of hope.

Tears were shed. Strangers connected. A movement was started.
This is how we make Aotearoa safer, happier and more accessible. We all possess the power within ourselves to save lives. To support charities like I AM HOPE. To reach out to friends and family. To be the change that we so desperately need.

Every dollar we raised, goes towards a young New Zealander accessing free counselling the week that they need it. The current wait times are between 6 to 26 weeks, and when you’re suicidal, you don’t have that time. I AM HOPE ensures under 25 year olds can access an appointment the week that they need it. To allow them to feel heard and supported. Because talking brings change. Because what you feel is valid and you are not alone.

That’s someone’s son, brother or one day, father who may have just been thrown a lifeline. That’s one more New Zealander who decides to stay.

"To the No Small Talk team, thank you so much for an unforgettable evening. From the food, the low key venue and of course the speakers. Hearing the voices of those stepping up to mens mental health through their own experiences and how they are making a difference was hella inspiring. The insights gained made me step up and reach out to a mate who needed it which felt great! Looking forward to the next one!"

- Andy (NST Auckland)

I attended a No Small Talk event in April 2021. The event was extremely well curated with speakers from various different backgrounds with incredible stories and journeys. I left the evening feeling extremely inspired, elevated in fact. Hearing everyone’s stories made me more open and aware of the everyday mental struggles many face. It was great to see the community coming together!"

- Fil (NST Auckland)


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