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MEET THE TEAM: 5 minutes with Sam

Tell us about yourself and how you found yourself part of the Neighbourhood:

My name is Sam but I’m also known as upstairs Sam. Often my mum says I am a shambles but I know she loves me very much. (And I love her) Growing up between my mother’s and my father’s houses, I lived in environments that fostered inquisition into both my masculinity and my femininity - the exploration and expression of which are core to who I am. I try to move mindfully with love as much as I can and I want to live a life that is always open to learning. I found myself a part of NBHD through Louie, a member of neighbourhoodNZ. Louie introduced me to Madeline Mason who slowly fed me with pro-NBHD rhetoric. Subsequently, I felt a deep alignment of NBHD’s intentions and initiatives with what sort of world I aim to create in my finite years as a human being.

Describe yourself in three words:

Earnest, Empathetic and Energetic

Do you have any significant goals or projects for 2022?

I’m going to have an art exhibition involving photographic works, pastel works and moving image.

I’m going to produce more pottery

I’m going to maintain joy and love for my thesis this year.

I’m going to be more mindful in my interactions with others I’m going to push myself to meet new people and be more confident in meeting new people.

What is a cause/issue/movement that you feel passionately about?

Men’s mental health and the issue of individualism that attacks males! We’ve got to come together in the collective to support each other. We can do that by talking. Being open. Unlearning the idea that we should bare through the turmoil of our minds alone.

The prospected change in freedom camping legislation to make freedom camping less accessible also really grinds my gears.

Who or what has influenced you the most?

Louie Kinder Rycroft, Madeline Mason and nature.

If someone I love is down, I cheer them up by…

Being an active listener. A big hug. Validating their feelings.

Somewhere that you’ve never been to in Aotearoa that you’d like to visit? Ahipara/ Shipwreck Bay. Downstairs Sam surfed a break accessibly only by boat. I’d like him to take me there too.

Something that relaxes me when I’m feeling stressed is..

Stepping back, thinking of the things that are truly important to me in life. This causes me to realise that what is stressing me out will probably going to go away very soon.

What is something you’re grateful for?

I’m grateful that I am aware of the power of being grateful for feeling satisfied with the here and now.

The last thought that kept you awake at night was…

If I’m honest I’m privileged to say I can’t recall this.

Do you have any strange and completely irrational fears?

Spiders, landlords, goose teeth, Act and National.

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