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MEET THE TEAM: 10 minutes with Brittany

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Tell us about yourself and how you found yourself part of Neighbourhood:

Hi, I’m Brittany! I have just completed my Masters degree at Victoria and am now working full time in tech! Having recently moved to Auckland I found Neighbourhood through looking to connect with other like minded human beings. I absolutely love everything that we have shaped it to be, creative, fun, inclusive and digestible, whilst we create campaigns with actions which change and save peoples lives!

Describe yourself in three words:

Relentlessly ambitious & energised

Do you have any significant goals or projects for 2021?

I am currently interviewing for my dream job in San Francisco, it’s a verrrrry long process but I am committed entirely to achieving it so everything I do this year is central to this goal right now. I have also been painting more recently, as well as a little bit of florist-ing(?)! I also need to dig my snow skis out again and soak up the serotonin from the mountains. I think ultimately though, this year for me is about rebalancing, finding some peace for myself through connection and making space for my friends and family, to be present for them and giving them the time they need too.

What is a cause/issue/movement that you feel passionately about?

I care so much about creating and giving opportunities to children and teenagers from disadvantaged communities. It is painfully uncomfortable to watch how difficult it is for young people to break out of difficult cycles. We must find them the time and offer them the support to make fairer, more positive decisions for their futures. It hurts my heart knowing how much wonderful, raw kiwi talent is being wasted through lack of education, resources and mentors. Actually, Neighbourhood is currently working on something big to help break down some of these barriers, and we can’t wait to get it up and running and share it with you all.

Who or what has influenced you the most?

My high school deputy principal, is a long standing friend, mentor and inspiration, he is so generous with his time, compassionate but also immensely successful and ambitious. Blake lively is also an incredibly beautiful and compassionate human being, she’s a definite boss woman.

If someone I love is down, I cheer them up by...

Validating how they are feeling!! That’s not telling them I understand or that I know it will get better, it’s giving them the space to feel their emotions, be human and letting them know that I am sticking right beside them whilst they do.

Somewhere that you’ve never been to in Aotearoa that you’d like to visit?

My parents are actually huge NZ adventurers so we travelled all around NZ all the time growing up and I got to see how beautiful our country is as a very small child. But, I would really like to go to the Chatham Islands, to see the wildlife!

Something that relaxes me when I’m feeling stressed is...

Patting my cat and other peoples dogs lol. But really sweating it out, being creative, getting enough sleep (my lifelong weakness), being with my good friends, getting outside, buying myself some flowers and also just feeling the feels, huge advocate for a good cry!

What is something you’re grateful for?

I am actually really grateful for the time Covid has given me, if there wasn’t a pandemic I would be living overseas, I’m lucky to have all this extra time with my people, to watch my sister graduate, and the other be head girl this year (both such amazing humans!!).

The last thought that kept you awake at night was…

How to find and sustain MY balance. But also why the heck is fruit skin so dam waterproof? (I guess my thesis in materials is sticking with me.)

Do you have any strange and completely irrational fears?

All elevators, all of the time. Especially the glass ones, criminal.

My idea of heaven is…

A beer on top of the ski mountain at sunset.

What is something you’re excited about at the moment?

I’m excited for time with my friends, the weekends, snow, dog pats, Neighbourhood, Choc bar ice cream and giving and receiving kindness.

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