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Written by V

Energy revolves all around us. It fills our hot blooded silhouette continuously and fluidly. We can ignore but not exile the feeling of energy which moves hand in hand with love. From the feeling of complete inner glow to the feeling of drifting in the void, nobody can determine what love looks like for you.

I have always found labels and categorising the love I possess constricting, therefore, I am ‘fluid’. “Gender fluid means a person embraces an adaptable nature to the concept of gender identity and gender expression. They can be one gender, multiple genders, or no gender.” I think this is a beautiful description which incorporates the concepts of divine energy associated with the religion Hinduism, Kundalini. It is channeled from the deepest source to help embrace and embody your true nature. No matter how you describe yourself, how you express love or to whom, a safe and supportive community surrounding you is key.

For myself, living in Dunedin with my first Girlfriend is a struggle, but one of the most fulfilling relationships I’ve had in my 21 years of living. Only recently I shifted into a bisexual being, by taking a leap of faith after immense trauma from my first, and possibly last, male relationship. To tell you the truth, I am unable to fathom how perfectly right it feels. I have gained tremendous rewards from diving into the unknown and I cannot recommend the NBHD community enough, Woof bar Dunedin (especially pride events), Dunedin Pride and especially trusting your own gut. It is an absolute pleasure living life at your own will, happy pride

VIXON / V is an incredible multi-genre DJ based in Otepoti!

Self established producer, director,

events manager, social media lead

and one of NBHD's very own!

Founder of @djscomethru

Head Honcho of @3vixen3

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