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A fun little conversation series we've been playing with our team & with you!

How do you say “I care about you” in 7 words?

  • My life would be emptier without you.

  • I am here for you through anything

  • Lemme know if ya need a yarn

  • What is that making you feel?

  • Take your time, I'm here for good.

  • You’re an incredibly special person to me

  • Life with you means lots of love!

  • I love your energy a huge amount!!

  • You make my life better, thank you

  • You really mean a lot to me

  • Did you make it home safely tonight?

  • Have you eaten or drank anything today?

  • Mental health exists please put yourself first

  • If you want to talk, I’m here

  • How are you feeling today - like really?

  • Made you a cup of tea love

  • You are my favourite little bean ever

  • Your smile makes me warm and fuzzy

  • You mean the world to me, always

  • Let me know when you’re home safe

  • Tell me what you desire and need

  • I can believe in you until you can

How do you ask for help in 7 words?

  • I need to talk to someone - ASAP!

  • I’m really struggling and I need you.

  • I am struggling and need some support

  • I find peace in your comfort/ presence

  • Are you able to talk right now?

  • I am not okay, I need help.

  • Would you be able to support me?

  • Yeah today sucked, can we talk please?

  • Can you please give me a hug?

  • Hey, you free to hang out soon?

  • I’m feeling overwhelmed and need your help

  • I’m really struggling today, sit with me?

How do you communicate your needs / boundaries in 7 words?

  • This is not currently within my capacity

  • Hey I need some space right now

  • I care greatly, I can’t be everything

  • Respect my bandwidth, for it is limited.

  • I currently can’t be what you need

  • I need put myself first right now

  • I can’t do that right now, sorry

  • I need to prioritize my mental health

  • I understand but listen to my boundaries

How do you flirt in 7 words?

  • You’re cute, I wanna kiss your neck

  • I love your mind, let’s keep talking

  • You’re cute, are you in a relationship?

  • I like making you laugh, great smile

  • Hey I vibe with your energy well

  • Let’s get a drink…not as friends

  • I wanna share some wild experiences together

How would you strike up a conversation with a stranger?

  • Hey, so do you come here often?

  • What’s something cool you’ve done this week?

  • Are you from here or just visiting?

  • Where is your favorite coffee place?

  • Do you know how to get *somewhere*?

  • Having a good day today?




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