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Winter Update!

Kia ora!

June and July saw a month full of all things kōrero and connection for our “Art of Conversation” month.

Post pandemic, social confidence and being a conversationalist seem somewhat like a forgotten art. It always had its challenges, but for some of us, we've never really fully recovered - socially and emotionally - from surviving such a connection catastrophe. For many of us, our evening scroll is a journey through enticing events and experiences, where we click "interested" or share subconsciously to a group chat - with little tangible intention to actually ever go. The hard part is always going to be showing up, but that's also the most important. It is all too easy to live an impermanent, largely virtual existence in 2023 - but at Neighbourhood, we have different plans for how our future communities can be.

Our events are founded on the belief that everyone should have access to genuine human connection - an all-empowering, wairua-enriching experience that is becoming scarce in our modern world.

Whether you show up to one of our events, find yourself curiously wanting to kōrero to the person beside you at the bus stop or simply want to have more rewarding conversations with whänau and friends, we view it all as a beautiful success story.

This month you can find posts on online dating, our 7 word series launch, conversations around taboo topics, the art of storytelling and so much more - coming to our Instagram and blog feeds this month and next.

Conversation is a muscle, and one we can train. This is our language of love - and it's ours to reclaim.

Also, ngā mihi to our ever wonderful friend @manawamaori for always guiding and empowering us to ask questions and korero better.

In love and juicy conversation,




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