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**PLEASE NOTE TWO DIFFERENT DATES. Down to Earth is running as a series in 2023 across two Saturdays in October. This ticket corresponds to Down to Earth at 11:30am on October 28th.


Down to Earth is an innovative and playful event combining movement, conversation and community connection. It was created from two dreams; Fitness All Together (FAT) wanted to hold space to explore movement and mobility more deeply, whilst here at Neighbourhood, we are passionate about mastering the art of conversation and connecting with members of our community. 
Down to Earth represents the celebration of these communities combining.


Down to Earth features yoga-inspired movement exploration combined with rounds of conversation with members of our community, supported by our conversation cards, which are yours to keep and take home.

Down to Earth designed to bring us back to the ground, to move better, to make us laugh, think differently about the world and get to know those in your community - both on and off the mat.

What your ticket includes:


- 60 minute guided yoga + conversation flow

- Down to Earth card game

- Allpress coffee, Almighty refreshments and pastries from Daily Bread

11:30am start (please be on time) at Arup Level 1 Hayman Kronfield Building 15 Galway Street Britomart (above the newly opened Daily Bread).


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