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Thanks for purchasing an Individual Membership - Welcome Next-door Neighbour! 


This membership provides access to a non-exclusive, full-inclusive club where we hook you up with dedicated giveaways, presale tickets for our events, our monthly newsletter, and, you'll be the first to know about and access our upcoming merch line!

As a charity we rely on community support to facilitate the safe spaces, community offerings and pop-up events in our 'hood; but, we want to make this a win-win, because without you, there's no Neighbourhood.


Become a Next-Door Neighbour and help opower our mahi towards creating a safer, happier and more accessible Aotearoa. $20 will score you a yearly membership or $15 if you're a student with valid ID - just use STUDENTFIVE at checkout.


If you have been touched by our mahi and would like to see it continue to grow, becoming a Next-Door Neighbour is a tangible way that you can join our waka that paddles for positive change.


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