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Silent Fight

We are so proud to have wrapped up another incredible campaign, supporting I AM HOPE and the wonderful work that they do. In the month of April 2021, our team rallied friends, whānau, colleagues and strangers to get behind our campaign in all kinds of capacities. Some brought stickers, some attended our dinner for men’s mental health, others were inspired to check in with their mates and ask how they were really feeling.


Silent Fight is a campaign challenging kiwis to go silent for 12 hours in order to raise awareness about the importance of mental health conversation. Without talking about anything, we feel isolated, lonely and stressed - this is what happens when we don't speak about how we feel.​

Break the Stigma

Chloe Swarbrick campaigning
Neighbourhood team

Silent Fight was as much, if not more, about creating impact, as it was raising money. It is tangible action and disruptive change that will ultimately challenge the stigma and save lives.


We’ve heard so many epic stories of people being inspired to reach out to others, people spotting our stickers on street posts and conversations starting around the country. This is our kaupapa. To create a safer, happier and more accessible Aotearoa for us all. Thank you for being part of Silent Fight 2021.


We’ll see you next year. And the year after that. Until we stop losing the people we love to suicide. 

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