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Although we are bursting with energy, passion and heart to run events, offer resources, create campaigns and hold exhibitions - it costs money to exist in this space. Our dream is to make our events as accessible as possible so that our kaupapa can reach widely into our community - ultimately, free tickets and resources for all is our end goal.

That's why we can't do it without your help.

We know our mahi is meaningful and important. There are so many ways to show support, help us extend our reach or donate to our work.


Donate any amount from $10

Thank your for your donation. Every dollar gives us another opportunity to empower our community.


We also have membership options available if you are interested in showing us ongoing support.


If you'd like to donate a venue or goods


Let us know where you would like us to spend your money and we will do our best to match it up with an area in need.



We've been busy since 2020 bringing events, campaigns, and initiatives digitally and physically across NZ, and we are so proud.

Each time we hold an event or campaign we see the hope, ignite the fire, create the ripple effect and plant that seed and every little step is one closer to a more inclusive, happy, balanced, well and bright New Zealand.

Every event we hold or connection we make we see change, people opening up, leaning into their emotions, joining the movement, carrying an idea forward or putting what they have learnt into action. Change starts with a single encounter and when we do it over and over again, it creates a widespread positive change.

And that's all we can really ask for, making our communities, happier, healthier and better equipped one small encounter at a time.


people attended a NBHD event in 2022 across NZ.

raised across Aotearoa with 100% of funds donated to I AM HOPE’s youth team who talked with over 20,000 young kiwis about mental health in every region of the country.

stickers sold during the Silent Fight campaign. With another $3104 raised in campaign profits for I am Hope bringing the total donation to I am Hope to


men and counting have attended our No Small Talk dinner series across Auckland, Hawkesbay and Wellington.

CORP MEMBERSHIP Terms and Conditions: Includes event sponsors, corporate partners and corporate partners extra.  Non refundable. We reserve the right to terminate our contract with any company or organisation who go against our values or demonstrate behaviours or messages that could be harmful to our community, this is not restricted to hate speech, racism, homophobia or any other verbal or digital abuse.  We have a zero tolerance for harm. All values are in NZD. DONATION Terms and Conditions: Non refundable. We cannot guarantee where we will spend your money at the time of donation, we will always do our best to meet your wishes but not-for-profit finances are precarious and sometimes certain spends are necessary to our longevity. We are always happy to provide proof of where your money was used and the impact it had after the fact. All values are in NZD. 
MEMBERSHIP Terms and Conditions: Non refundable. Valid for one year from date of purchase. All values are in NZD

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